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Graphic Design

As a self-taught graphic artist, I take pride how my work has grown over the years I have been in the industry. Click the images to the right to see some of the digital artwork I have completed from the beginning up until now.

Sometimes you have to get creative to be creative. Click the image below to look at some of the artwork I've done to get the creativity flowing for commissioned projects. Check them out below!

Untitled - January 16, 2022 20-09.png

I was primarily making a fair amount of infographics for when I was working at the University of Kentucky underneath the Ag Equine Programs. Following brand guidelines, you don't get a lot of room to play around with and experiment with design. Click below for some of my past and new work as I branch into other areas.

PHOTO CONTEST-02_edited.png

Probably my favorite thing to work on thus-far in my journey with digital media. Creating logos is definitely a passion of mine, as I love getting to bring a client's vision to life with their own business. Check out some of the logos I've created below, some for real companies and some that I mocked up for fun.

Untitled - January 16, 2022 20-12.png
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