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Professional Summary

Graduating from the University of Kentucky in May of 2021 with a Bachelor's Degree in Equine Science and Management​ and a minor in Wildlife Biology and Management, it's needless to say that content creation like what I do now wasn't on my mind a couple years back,. Wildly enough, it was through an ornithology class my junior year at the university that drew me back into photography (as I am an avid bird lover). From then on, I had reignited a passion I had only knew in high school as I was the Editor in Chief of our school magazine my senior year in secondary school.

That ornithology class led me to doing a couple of paid shoots on the farm taking images of people and their horses, and eventually (in a round-a-bout way) led me to working for the University of Kentucky Ag Equine Programs. I re-taught myself in-design, photoshop, premier pro, illustrator and many more programs to be the best intern they could have. I soon found that love for graphic design as a whole, and eventually branched out further.


 Copywriting    Logo Design     Advertisement Creation    Website Building 
Branding Templates    Video Compilation    Document Formatting   

 Creative Initiatives    Adobe Suite    Customer Service   

 Microsoft Office    Data Collection and Analysis 

Work Experience


Assistant Business Manager at Double Dan Horsemanship and the International Liberty Horse Association

  • Customer Service

    • ex. Answering phone calls, social media and email responses, scheduling horses in training/events​, creating automated email sequencing.

  • Social Media

    • ex. Post design, creation, scheduling and monitoring engagement analytics. 

  • ILHA Show management & Memberships

    • ex. Managing virtual horse show registration, scheduling and paying judges, project management​

    • ex. Process all new members by printing cards, assigning numbers, adding to the system.

  • Website management

    • Update websites with new information such as new staff or stock,, monitor websites for functionality. Minor coding.​

  • Photography

    • ex. Traveled to shoot at various performances in the greater Lexington area as well as out of state. Took 16,000 images at the ILHA Championship show, selected 3000 and had them processed, watermarked and sold to competitors within a 10 day period.​

  • Accounting

    • ex. Client invoice and payment monitoring, receipt reconciliation, updating excel databases, managing square inventory & invoicing,​

  • Product Fulfillment

    • ex. Order fulfillment, booth setup/selling, product inventory managment, new product design & research.​


Humble Wildlife Designs - Absolved into Sjacobs Creative

  • Created freelance marketing service for local businesses that provides full brand packages, photo, written, and graphical content for marketing purposes.

  • Creates and designs websites for clients based upon their needs, ranging from portfolios to online e-commerce platforms.


Marketing and Public Relations Intern –

Forest Health Extension at The University of Kentucky

  • Creates video content for various extension programs in regard to Forest Health

  • Produces photo, written, and graphical content for all media platforms

  • Promotes the importance of forest health message across all media platforms


Research Assistant – UK Forestry and Natural Resources

  • Tracks and records bird species and activity via point-counts at various sites around Lexington

  • Collects water and soil samples to proceed with quality testing

  • Records and measures understory herbaceous vegetation by grids, as well as woody understory and overstory

  • Enters and analyzes data to determine the impact of Urban Forestry on Lexington resources

  • Compiles data and researches articles within a scientific journal article to expand research perspective


Communications and Student Relations Intern –

UK Ag Equine Programs

  • Produces photo, written, video, and graphical content for all media platforms

  • Implements a photo management database and all instructional materials

  • Creates promotional materials including (but not limited to): flyers, infographics, posters, tri-fold pamphlets to be used for marketing purposes

Personality & Stregnths


 CLIFTON STRENGTHS SIGNATURE THEMES:   Adaptability, Responsibility, Activator, Command, and Belief



University of Kentucky

Major: BS in Equine Science and Management

Minor: Wildlife Biology and Management

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